Derma Roller Therapy –Face Rejuvenation without surgery

first picture of dermaroller A clinically approved procedure, which increases the collagen production of the skin. It is practically a collagen induction therapy, performed by a Derma Roller.

Collagen induction therapy

The Derma Roller is a roller device, which consists of a number of small needles, and has several variations. As a master beautician, based on your skin type I can select the most appropriate tool for your skin, thus achieving the optimal result. During treatment the Derma Roller makes micro injuries on the skin’s surface, which triggers the skin’s own defense mechanism and the production of collagen starts. As a result, the scars, wrinkles and pores fade and refine. This reaction starts off a prolonged natural process in the body, and the effects can be seen gradually, over the weeks and months. The great advantage of this treatment, unlike other similar treatments, is that it only causes some minimal pain and has no harmful side effects. It is very important to know that this is not an independent cosmetic procedure, it is related to another, previously agreed treatment, which further enhances the effects. Naturally, if used as a course of treatments, the effects are quicker and more noticeable. This usually means 6 treatments, with 3-4 weeks in-between two in case of the first 4 treatments, and 6-8 weeks in-between the later ones. For each, there is a previously established home care proposed.

Perfect solution for the following cosmetic problems:

  1. Skin rejuvenation on face and cleavage
  2. Acne, refine and make disappear
  3. Large pores
  4. Wrinkles

Benefits of the Derma Roller treatment:

  1. Increases the skin’s collagen production, thus the face seems younger, the wrinkles smoothen out, the pores become smaller and the acne fade.
  2. Natural processes are triggered in the body, and the effects gradually appear throughout the months. For the optimal result, 6 treatments is needed.
  3. No side effects.

Stages of the treatment with Derma Roller

second picture of dermaroller
  1. The treatment is proceeded by a consultation, and the condition of the skin is assessed.
  2. Basic treatment selected, from over 40 possibilities, and if necessary, agreed on a course of treatment.
  3. Implementation of treatment, 60-180 minutes.

Following the Derma Roller treatment, redness occurs, which disappears in 2-3 hours. The skin should be protected from direct sunlight for the subsequent 6-8 weeks.


  1. Acne, herpes, eczema, until it wears off.
  2. Keloid susceptibility.
  3. 1 month following Roaccutan treatment
  4. 1 week following Botox.
  5. Following botox, not including the treated area.